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Sun Salutation

Sun salutation is one of the finest yoga modules for the overall development of the body, mind and soul. This is dynamic yoga exercise which comprises of 12 yoga poses. Practising this yoga exercise helps in a physical, mental, spiritual and social domain of health. It can be practised any time of the day either … Continue reading Sun Salutation

Chair Yoga

It is a general impression that yoga is for the young, fit and flexible then it is time for you to take chair have a seat and think again. Chair yoga is the best alternative to traditional yoga we generally perceive and it is the best option for seniors as well as those unable to … Continue reading Chair Yoga

Zen Om Yoga Studio is excited..

Yoga and Meditation Parties! What a wonderful idea…It’s a great way to bring health retreat to your place and interact while nurturing your mind, body and soul. Yoga and Meditation themed parties are the special way to celebrate your big day in a healthy style, whether it is Birthday parties, Corporate Christmas party, Baby shower … Continue reading Zen Om Yoga Studio is excited to introduce it’s new service- Yoga and Meditation themed Parties!


Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain afflicts approximately eight out of ten people, both who are sedentary and those physically active. In our daily routine of daytime, most of the time goes in the sitting position e.g. we sit down at a dinning table for breakfast,lunch,dinner,driving a car and working at a corporate office desk.Even after finishing our … Continue reading Yoga For Lower Back Pain