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Zen Om Yoga Studio is excited..

Yoga and Meditation Parties! What a wonderful idea…It’s a great way to bring health retreat to your place and interact while nurturing your mind, body and soul. Yoga and Meditation themed parties are the special way to celebrate your big day in a healthy style, whether it is Birthday parties, Corporate Christmas party, Baby shower … Continue reading Zen Om Yoga Studio is excited to introduce it’s new service- Yoga and Meditation themed Parties!


Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain afflicts approximately eight out of ten people, both who are sedentary and those physically active. In our daily routine of daytime, most of the time goes in the sitting position e.g. we sit down at a dinning table for breakfast,lunch,dinner,driving a car and working at a corporate office desk.Even after finishing our … Continue reading Yoga For Lower Back Pain


What an amazing experience to run..

Preeti Shah, Owner and Yoga Instructor at Zen Om Yoga Studio, was recently invited by one of Western Sydney’s best Animal Hospitals for a Yoga & Meditation Class. It was a fantastic opportunity to run a class for an awesome Doctors and Nurses at a very good out door location on a nice sunny day! Our Yoga Studio in Pemulwuy


Yoga For Allergies

Environmental pollutants increased stress, and nutrients deficient diet can make our immune, nervous and respiratory system hypersensitive, causing allergic rhinitis. Dust, pollen, smoke, certain foods, chemical, scents, and colors are some of the common allergens for specific people. Any item can become a


Yoga and Diabetes

Diabetes is caused when your blood cells don’t make enough insulin or are not able to use insulin effectively, or both. Yoga postures directly stimulate the pancreas and aid in insulin production. Yoga is one ancient measure to effectively control your blood sugar level,it will help to improve blood circulation in your body, particularly in


We are proud to introduce our..

Are you looking for the perfect present for your friends or family? Zen Om Yoga Studio’s gift cards are perfect gift for someone that needs little inspiration to start. Give them a gift of better health and wellbeing that will truly makes a difference in their life. Our Yoga and meditation gift cards will be a great gift idea